Support Our Law Enforcement.

Police need more resources, not dismantling.

Stand Up To Political Correctness.

My Message to Law Enforcement: I Will Always Have Your Back

I want to take a moment out of the campaign's time to specifically address law enforcement.

My brother is a police officer, so I know that the entire law enforcement community is going through a very difficult time right now.

Every day, you wake up, put on the uniform and serve your communities while facing risks that civilians can barely even comprehend.

My perception of the realities of law enforcement drastically changed after my first ride-along with my brother, Jamie.

Because of that experience, I understand that you truly put your lives on the line every day, and I just want to thank you for your sacrifice and your dedication to serving your communities and law and order in America.

My Pledge To You

In Congress, I pledge to:

  • Fight back against the relentless assault by the politically correct radicals trying to defund and dismantle the police.
  • Take a stand to support law and order, when others would watch the country burn.
  • Look at every option available to ensure funding opportunities exist for adequate personnel, training and equipment for law enforcement and first responders.
  • Show my respect and appreciation every day for those who wear a badge or uniform.


Dr. Josh Gapp for Congress "The politically correct crowd can't be allowed to silence us from standing for what's right. In Congress, I will never cave on amnesty, and I will stand up for border security and enforcing our immigration laws."

Dr. Josh Gapp, Republican Primary Candidate For Congress (TN-01)

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