Defend Religious Liberty.

Protect Our Churches.

Stand Up To Political Correctness.

Political Correctness Threatens Religious Liberty

Political correctness is the greatest threat to our religious liberty.

Radical, liberal activists are creating a politically correct standard that threatens to shut down our churches for the crime of believing in biblical marriage.

Here's former Democratic presidential candidate "Beto" O'Rourke addressing a question CNN pushed on removing tax exempt status of churches who refuse gay marriage:

I will always stand for religious liberty and protect our churches, business owners and citizens who are living out their faith, even if their faith isn't politically correct.

My Pledge To You

As your next Republican congressman from Tennessee's 1st District, I pledge to be a strong voice to support President Trump's America-first agenda.

In Congress, I pledge to:

  • Vote to fully fund finishing the wall.
  • Fight attempts to redirect border patrol and border security funding away from our border.
  • Vote to de-fund sanctuary cities.
  • Vote against amnesty. Period.
  • Work with the Trump Administration's legislative priorities on immigration.


Dr. Josh Gapp for Congress "Religious liberty is under siege from the politically correct crowd. I will do everything possible to protect our churches, citizens and businesses who are targeted for living out their faith, even if their faith isn't politically correct. "

Dr. Josh Gapp, Republican Primary Candidate For Congress (TN-01)

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