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Stand Up To Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is Cancer

As a pathologist, trained to spot cancer, I can tell you that political correctness has become a cancer on our system.

Political correctness is the greatest threat to our:

What is Political Correctness?

"Political correctness - the rigging of politics using different rules for different groups, and buttressed by the media - ensures that Democrats always have the upper hand."
Andrew Breitbart

Political correctness is the main weapon of the radical left and their mainstream media allies to shut down debate and avoid talking about real ideas for America.

Political correctness is a code of speech designed to control the wrong political beliefs. Violations results in social shaming and labeling with overused words like racist, sexist, xenophobe, bigot, etc to describe well-intentioned good American patriots who love everyone.

I'm often asked -- "Isn't political correctness just being polite? Are you advocating being unkind?" Absolutely not!

One of the best examples this year: when President Trump shut down flights from China, he saved countless lives. But everyone in his administration said "don't do it," and the media labeled him a racist and xenophobe.

We must be strong, stand up for our rights and reassert the ideals and values that made America great in the first place, or else the cancer of political correctness will destroy our country from within.

My Pledge To You

As your next Republican congressman from Tennessee's 1st District, I pledge to stand strong against pressure from the politically correct crowd to support President Trump's agenda and protect our God-given rights.

In Congress, I pledge to:

  • Vote to fully fund finishing the wall.
  • Defend our 2nd Amendment rights, which are more important now than ever
  • Vote for pro-life legislation
  • Stand for religious liberty and protect our churches from being shut down
  • Never back down in defending our God-given rights and liberty


Dr. Josh Gapp for Congress As a politician, trained to spot cancer, I can tell you that political correctness has become a cancer on our system. We must stand together and fight back by reaffirming American greatness and getting back to our core values of freedom and individual liberty."

Dr. Josh Gapp, Republican Primary Candidate For Congress (TN-01)

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