Get Our Economy Going Again.

Fight for TN Jobs.

Stand Up To Political Correctness.

Make Our Economy Great Again

Political correctness is made the China Virus worse.

President Trump saved countless lives when he shut down flights from China, and the politically correct media and Joe Biden labeled him a racist and a xenophobe.

The radical voices in the media made it more difficult for President Trump to respond to the Coronavirus all because it was an election year.

This was a serious problem, and it was China's fault. It cost precious lives, lost jobs and companies going out of business forever.

We need to get our economy going again, yet politically correct politicians like AOC are encouraging people to protest by refusing going back to work.

My Pledge To You

As your next Republican congressman from Tennessee's 1st District, I pledge to work tirelessly to make the economy going again by:

  • Voting against any tax increases, allowing everyone to keep more of their money.
  • Voting for fiscal responsibility and address our economic vulnerabilities.
  • Support American exports and a strong free and fair trade environment.
  • Roll back job-killing regulation, including repealing Obamacare.


Dr. Josh Gapp for Congress "When Nancy Pelosi and the politically correct squad in Congress are trying to stifle job growth and hold the economy back, I will fight to help get our economy roaring again."

Dr. Josh Gapp, Republican Primary Candidate For Congress (TN-01)

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