Make China Pay.

Bring Jobs Back to TN.

Stand Up To Political Correctness.

Bring Back Critical Manufacturing from China

China unleashed a devastating pandemic upon the globe, but the politically correct crowd wanted to use the situation in their effort to defeat President Trump.

The Democratic Party, mainstream media and the rest of the politically correct crowd would rather parrot Communist Chinese propaganda -- even if it hurt America -- so long as it hurt President Trump.

China has to pay.

Rethinking Trade With China

I support free trade, and I believe the government can do more harm than good when bureaucrats get in the way of business.

But President Trump was the first candidate to run for president who brought to light what happens when our free trade isn't fair, due to America playing by a different set of rules than China.

As a doctor, and as the Chinese Virus pandemic showed us, we absolutely must bring manufacturing of critical life-saving medicines back to America -- and Tennessee. We cannot be dependent on critical medical supply from a Communist dictatorship.

I want to bring a wide range of manufacturing jobs back from China and grow jobs right here in Tennessee's 1st Congressional District.

We still want strong international trade partners, but I have to ask this question: why are we relying so heavily on the world's largest communist dictatorship, when we could trade instead with India, the world's largest democracy?

My Pledge To You

As your next Republican congressman from Tennessee's 1st District, I pledge to support President Trump's job-growth agenda, bring manufacturing of life-saving medicines from China, and support shifting trade alliances away from Communist dictatorships and .

In Congress, I pledge to:

  • Bring lifesaving medical manufacturing back from China.
  • Prioritize trading with democracies, not Communist China.
  • Slash regulations that cause businesses to ship jobs overseas.


Dr. Josh Gapp for Congress "When Nancy Pelosi and the politically correct squad in Congress are trying to stifle job growth and hold the economy back, I will fight to help get our economy roaring again."

Dr. Josh Gapp, Republican Primary Candidate For Congress (TN-01)

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