Defend Our Rights.

No Infringements. Period.

Stand Up To Political Correctness.

Defend the 2nd Amendment

Political correctness is the greatest threat to our 2nd Amendment rights.

Every time someone breaks the law in this country with a weapon, the radical left spins "PC" catch phrases like "common sense gun control," and liberal billionaires like Michael Bloomberg push millions into local "every town gun laws" movements in local governments.

The Constitution is very clear: our 2nd Amendment rights "... shall not be infringed." Period.

Why Defending the 2nd Amendment is Critical

It seems every time someone runs for congress in a Republican primary, they pose with a hunting rifle to show they're pro-2nd Amendment.

While I will always advocate for our great hunters, the 2nd Amendment isn't about hunting. It's about self-defense and protecting ourselves from tyranny and government overreach.

We need conservatives who will fight attempts to ban AR-15s and high-capacity magazines, because that's what the 2nd Amendment is all about.

My Pledge To You

As a concealed-carry license holder, an AR-15 owner, pistol owner and all-around gun rights advocate, I pledge to defend the 2nd Amendment against any and all infringements if you elect me to represent Tennessee's 1st Congressional District.

In Congress, I pledge to:

  • Vote against any infringements on gun rights.
  • Vote against any qualification over assault weapon classifications
  • Vote against any restrictions on ammunition
  • Vote against any registration or information collection on gun owners
  • Vote against any and all infringements, period.
  • Vote for repealing existing gun right infringements, such as repealing the National Firearms Act.


Dr. Josh Gapp for Congress "The politically correct crowd will never silence me from protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. The constitution is clear, our 2nd Amendment rights '... shall not be infringed.' Period. I will never back down from protecting gun owners' rights."

Dr. Josh Gapp, Republican Primary Candidate For Congress (TN-01)

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